3 Reasons Why Social Security Full Retirement Age Should be 76

I first became familiar with Actor Tom Selleck in one of his early movies “Quigley Down Under” which was and still is ideal, clean family entertainment. Selleck today is a true ‘Blue Blood” police captain representing the Big Apples finest on a top television show and the official pitchman for the top reverse mortgage company in America-American Advisory Group(AAG).

Are Money Magazine Zingers Hurting Your Retirement in 2017?

The parades up Pennsylvania Avenue have ended and the champagne bubbles have burst in ernest celebration over the nation’s capital after one of the wildest election cycles in United States history. Yes, the parade of pundits & prognosticators in the financial press spouting off predictions for the year ahead is about over too.

3 Reasons Why Many Advisors Sell Their Clients Short on Sequence Risk(And Why they Should)

While working on my usual tasks here at Masterplan Retirement, I was faced with the prospect of having the opportunity to get my picture taken with  “the Boss” Bruce Springsteen at a local book signing, when it dawned on me how many advisors who follow a “buy and hold” philosophy with their clients let them down when inevitable tough times come.  In a more

Is Trump the Good Black Swan Savers and Investors Need in 2017?

Investopedia defines a black swan as “an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and is extremely difficult to predict.” These events have a negative connotation because most savers and investors remember their Masterplan being interrupted or destroyed by the tech wreck early in the millennium or the housing crisis of 2007-08.

3 Retiree Tax Strategies to Trump Now

The Trump campaign’s statements on tax simplification and actual implementation will come down to  steering legislation through the  House Ways and Means committee but investors still have time to reduce taxes before year-end in the effort to increase their returns and reduce taxes.

How to be Ready When the Bubble Bursts

“Delays exceedingly late through the afternoon” or “Doesn’t even leave the airport.” I will let the acronym and mnemonics groupies decipher what airline I am referring to but needless to say the possibility of a delayed retirement is increasingly likely for many Americans, much like the many publicized delays in the airline industry. Recently, Bankrate reporte

Could Insurance Save Your Retirement?

Most people begin insuring themselves when they marry or start a family. They buy coverage in response to two potential calamities – disability during their working years, and death.

Will Rogers Said It Best

Some people just have a knack for a good quote. One of my favorites is Will Rogers… in my humble opinion, his quotes are some of the best…
"There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

3 Questions Every Investor Should Ask

Investors have it rough. The market goes up. The market goes down. The media over-hypes things. Let’s face it – it’s not easy to ignore the everyday noise.

What investors really need is a process that helps reduce the noise to a level that keeps them safe from making irrational decisions.

What Questions Should You Ask a Financial Advisor?

A little while back, somebody had asked me "what questions should I ask a financial advisor that I'm considering?"

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