• Do you have your own Retirement Roadmap?

    We can help…

  • Is your Portfolio prepared for the next Bear Market?

    Let us provide a complimentary objective Portfolio Analysis

  • How will you replace your paycheck in Retirement?

    Having an Income Plan that insures you’ll never miss a paycheck is critical for peace of mind in retirement.

  • Do your taxes have errors or missed deductions?

    Let our team of CPA’s review your tax returns with our 2nd Opinion Tax Review Service

  • Get the Peace of Mind you deserve

    Planning and reviewing your financial legacy is the first step in protecting it.  Let us provide you with the legal counsel you need in a holistic manner

  • Do you have the insurance coverage you think you do?

    Let us review your existing coverage and provide you with a COMPLIMENTARY Policy Review Analysis



At their core, Mark B. Fricks and MasterPlan Retirement Consultants are retirement strategists. We customize financial plans with a careful integration between these four disciplines:

Investment  Planning

We base our investment recommendations on a personalized approach. Whether you are in the accumulation phase of your life, or income distribution phase, we’ll tailor a plan to meet your individual needs. Learn More


It’s not just about how much money you may make or earn - it’s also about how much money you can keep. There are strategies that may help you keep more of what you earn. Learn More

Legacy &
Legal Strategies

A couple of hours of planning can mean more than a lifetime of saving and investing. The proper legal advice may help ensure your plan functions as you desire, and provide the confidence you need. Learn More


We offer a variety of insurance solutions to help manage future risks and potential threats to your financial well-being. It is important to weigh the costs and benefits in order to make the most educated decision regarding your specific needs. Learn More

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