Retirement Roadmap

Let’s pretend that you wanted to drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California.  You could get into your car and drive west – would you get to California?

Most people would answer “eventually, maybe, hopefully.”  But it’s not a sure thing because there was no planning involved.

If I were going to drive from Atlanta to California, I’d first sit down and begin thinking about the goals of the trip.  Why am I going?  When do I want to get there?  What will I be doing when I arrive?  How much money will I need while I’m there?  How long will I be there?

Isn’t this the same as retirement planning?  Most people just “head west” toward retirement, with little or no thought about the goals, or how to get there.  Then many put money away in a 401k, and perhaps have a dream or two about retirement, but when it comes to having a well thought-out plan, well it just doesn’t happen.

Just like the trip to California, wouldn’t it be better when planning for retirement to do a little dreaming, and then set some specific goals?  Don’t you want to plan and know what you will be doing in retirement?  How much it will cost to get there, and get through it?  When you want to get there?  Wouldn’t you like a plan?

Well that’s what we do.  Together we dream, discuss goals and needs, establish parameters and then formulate the plans to get there.  THAT’S a real retirement plan!

Our goal is to help you chart your financial future, and be with you every step along the way.

Saving and investing is all about taking control and charting your future. At each step along the way, there are critical choices. Wherever you are on your path, we can help you navigate the road ahead and reach your goals. We’ll create a personalized retirement roadmap to help your set and reach those goals.

Corporate pensions are disappearing. Social Security is in trouble. And the sizable postwar generation is reaching retirement age. We’ll take the time to look at all of the potential threats facing you…and help you chart your future retirement.

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