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Facts of Life

Do you remember when you bought your first home?  Do you recall the sense of pride you had in your new house?  Perhaps you threw a house-warming party to show it off.  It didn’t matter how big it was, or how fancy it was, it was yours. Remember that feeling?

MasterPlan Retirement Consultants can promise you this – purchasing a life insurance policy or a long term care insurance policy will probably not give you that same sense of pride… even though it should.  Why?  Because in doing so, you are proactively addressing some very big "What ifs":

  • What if you died tomorrow?
  • What if you needed long term care services tomorrow?
  • What if you lived until age 105?

Financial planning helps you prepare for the “What ifs” in life.  It’s not always fun, but we think you should feel the same sense of pride in your contingency planning as you did when you purchased that first home. It’s an important part of the planning process, and we're not afraid to talk about it.  In fact, we’re the first ones to congratulate you for taking care of business. As a part of our Insurance/Risk Management process, we want to address the “what if” questions that need to be answered in order to have a more confident retirement.

But wait! Purchasing a life or long term care policy should NEVER take place until you have a strategy. We find that in many cases, there are other ways to address these needs other than purchasing a product.

Develop a plan - plug in the solutions.

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